03 July 2017

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Winter Wonderland Wedding Trends

Winter Wonderland Wedding Trends

Late spring and early summer is the height of wedding season. However, many brides are converting to holding their wedding in the winter. They want a unique wedding and don’t want to have to fight with other brides over dates and venues or deal with the heat. A winter wonderland wedding can be whimsical, yet elegant and charming. If you are planning yours, you may be interested in learning what trends are popular with this type of wedding. Here are a few winter wonderland wedding trends you may want to look into for your wedding.

The Color Palette

Winter wonderland weddings have traditionally had two different yet distinctive color palettes associated with them. One was a black and white theme. Since most winter weddings and receptions are indoors, many brides opted for a simple black tie affair, and went with a black and white theme. The other was Christmas colors. Since winter is tied in with Christmas time, many brides used Christmas as their theme. They would bring in red, green and gold to create a festive winter look. However, the trend now is shifting away from these colors. Many brides are shifting towards icy colors to create their perfect winter look. This includes silver, shimmering white, icy blue, pale grey and even soft lavender. Sparkle, diamonds and glitter can be thrown in to mimic the sparkle that ice and snow gets when the sun hits it just right.


When you are planning a winter wedding, you need to select flowers that will be in bloom and readily available for your wedding. Red roses and calla lilies have long been the go to flowers for winter weddings. But if you are looking for something new and out of the box, consider white hydrangeas and soft ranunculuses. These flowers are both fuller, meaning you will use less of them. They also can be used to create a beautiful bouquet and boutonnieres for the wedding. Consider wrapping them in ribbon or adding sparkle or jewels to really set them off.


The cake plays an important role in your wedding. Many winter brides opt for a traditional, circular tiered wedding cake. However, the newest trend in winter weddings is to go with a vintage style, single color cake. A vintage style cake has square or rectangular tiers. It is often dressed up with white, off-white or antique white fondant. Icing in the same color as the fondant is then used to create detail on the sides of the cake. Many couple are now opting for monogrammed cake toppers instead of traditional bride and groom ones to finish off their elegant, yet classic wedding cake.

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