22 November 2017

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Wedding Trends from 2017  

Wedding Trends from 2017  

As a one-of-kind and in-demand venue for the matrimonial ritual (and all the associated fun and revelry), we here at Windows on Minnesota always have one eye on the latest and greatest in wedding trends.


And on that much-scrutinized subject, this year we’ve enjoyed consulting this far-ranging Huffington Post roundup of the “17 Hottest Wedding Trends for 2017” by Debra Witt, which is certainly worth a gander if you’ve got nuptials on the horizon. While we recommend reading through the whole lineup, we thought we’d spotlight some of the most intriguing material here at the Windows on Minnesota blog—and, as we’ve done before, sum up what recommends our skyscraper event facility for weddings of all scales and styles!


Soft-Petal Blossoms


Plush, ornate flowers such as peonies and dahlias are the most popular blooms for weddings in the U.S. This isn’t altogether surprising: These feathery, layered blossoms “epitomize romance,” as Botanica International Floral Design’s Zoe Gallina told Witt. They certainly rank among the most all-out beautiful objects in the natural world—and bringing a bit of the natural world into your wedding framework is always a good idea.


Hand Calligraphy


Tangled up in our era’s love for the vintage and overall DIY aesthetic, many couples are opting for hand-calligraphed invitations, programs, and place cards.


Old-School Cocktails


Speaking of vintage, Witt notes many weddings are following the overall mixological backpedal you’ll encounter in many a trendy bar and modern-day “speakeasy”: Classic mixed drinks such as the Sidecar, the Old Fashioned, and the Moscow Mule make for crowd-pleasing reception fare, evoking as they do a sort of throwback elegance.


Food-&-Beverage Pairings


Another popular route for wedding receptions or brunches are food-and-drink pairings: Wine’s the no-brainer choice, but these days it’s also common to pair dishes with specially selected craft brews or artisanal cocktails.


A Venue to Remember


As Witt notes, a distinctive venue goes a very long way to helping couples achieve that “wedding that will blow their guests away.” Windows on Minnesota fits the bill and then some: Imagine your ceremony and reception playing out against a ravishing backdrop of floor-to-ceiling windows that survey Minneapolis from the 50th floor of the IDS Center, the tallest building in the entire state.

The setting alone will bowl your wedding guests over, and that’s not even considering the superb planning and catering services we also deliver: We can help you create an absolutely gorgeous wedding scheme and realize a creatively themed menu. Fill out a RFP here at our website and choose the utterly unique splendor of Windows on Minnesota for your big day!