06 February 2018

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Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2018

Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2018

Windows on Minnesota makes for an unparalleled wedding venue: the location superb, the function space adaptable, and our event and catering services across-the-board excellent.

Given hosting weddings is such a significant part of what we do, we’re always keeping an ear to the ground when it comes to the latest trends in nuptial design and themes. What follows are some of the hottest for 2018 weddings as gleaned from three prime sources: Martha Stewart WeddingsBrides Magazine, and HuffPost.

Looking to the Indoors

Sarah Schreiber at Martha Stewart Weddings suggests a 2018 tilt toward indoor weddings versus outdoor ones, particularly venues with airy and lofty dimensions. (Our Windows on Minnesota ballrooms certainly fit the bill…)

And both Brides Magazine and Martha Stewart Weddings report that see-through elements are going to be all the rage this year—including the sort of floor-to-ceiling windows we boast here at our stunning space 50 floors up the IDS Center.

Thinking Beyond Wedding Cake

More brides and grooms are opting for creative, even “quirky” desserts over traditional wedding cakes, Brides Magazine observes. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with that classic, multi-tiered, white-frosted confection, but there’s also no rule that you have to go that route: If you’d rather have cookies or brownies or cheesecake, go for it!

And speaking of food, that looking-outside-the-box ethos is liable to extend to the rest of the reception menu as well, Brides asserts. Our catering team here at Windows on Minnesota counts versatility among their chief strengths, so dream big, cuisine-wise, and we’ll do our utmost to make it happen!

Little Décor Delights

Unexpected or arresting design elements are definitely a thing these days. Brides Magazine points out that an emerging 2017 trend of floral or foliage displays hung above tables is likely to be all the more popular this year. “Hanging flowers or greenery above tables creates a great dynamic to the space, playing with heights and viewpoints,” the mag says. “It also gives more space on tables if you’re choosing more candles or big sharing plates.”

Schreiber’s Martha Stewart Weddings roundup, meanwhile, encourages going bold with your candles, choosing colored varieties rather than those standard white ones—a simple but effective means of spicing up wedding décor.

Balloons, Balloons, & More Balloons

Anne Chertoff, trend expert at WeddingWire, told Amanda Pena of HuffPost that balloons are popping up all over weddings these days—from photo shoots to photo booths. A snazzy choice, Pena suggests, is balloons with calligraphy messages printed on them.

Old-School & Whimsical Looks

Pearls are coming back big for 2018, Brides Magazine asserts—from earrings to rings to dress accouterments.

So are capes for bridal-wear (though there’s no reason why grooms can’t don them, too). “Choose full length flowing numbers or heavily embellished styles to make a big entrance.”