26 February 2018

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Top 5 Meeting Trends of 2018

Top 5 Meeting Trends of 2018

At Windows on Minnesota, we pride ourselves on providing one of the best venues for business meeting, conferences, and other corporate events and retreats in the Midwest. Our expansive and versatile space 50 floors up the IDS Center provides a truly inspiring setting, and our top-caliber planning staff, technological resources, and catering give you all the tools you need. Plus we’re conveniently situated to leading downtown Minneapolis hotels—not least the Marquette just next door.

To help inspire you in this brand-new year of possibilities, we rounded up some insights into the leading trends in meetings for 2018. Here are five of the top ones!


Over at Meetings & Conventions, Allen J. Sheinman suggests, “Technology is revolutionizing meetings in 2018.” That’s probably on the order of a perennial trend, but it’s certainly still one worth bearing in mind. Among the examples of specific technological elements he recommends? Live-streaming of sessions for those participating remotely.

Neighborhood Attractions

In his M&C overview, Sheinman also notes local excursions are going to be popular elements of business functions this year. “Many groups like to get off-property for a couple of hours or for an afternoon,” he writes, “and explore the unique aspects of the locale where they are gathering.”

With a Windows on Minnesota conference or meeting, you’ve certainly got an exceptional launch pad for stimulating safaris to break up the day’s sessions: The IDS Center puts all the varied attractions of downtown Minneapolis at your fingertips.

The Menu

Meetings in 2018 may have a bit of a foodie slant, Sheinman suggests—reflecting broader cultural trends, surely, and also meeting organizers’ recognition that a creative and high-quality menu is liable to translate to more engaged and productive participation. Good thing the Windows on Minnesota catering team delivers such fabulous cuisine!

Combating Stress

For MeetingsNet, Sue Pelletier summarized some of the trends in meetings that the IMEX Group has identified for 2018. One theme that may be flying a bit under the radar is alleviating the stress that our information-overloaded, relentlessly connected day and age invariably imposes. Obviously a well-run conference or corporate retreat is about sharing information, strengthening and expanding connections, and setting and achieving goals, but Pelletier suggests they shouldn’t come overstuffed.

She writes, “It’s up to show organizers and meeting professionals to bring humanity back, at least during the event, by providing white space for mental regrouping and otherwise supporting participants’ health and wellness.”

Wise Budgeting

Late last year, Successful Meetings surveyed its planner readership on top 2018 trends, and among the defining issues identified for pulling off a successful meeting this year was “providing quality meetings on limited budgets.” It’s something American Meetings, Inc. also covered in a recent blogpost, underscoring the value of carefully assessing financial resources and working efficiently within constraints.

At Windows on Minnesota, we’d love to host your conference, business meeting, or work retreat in downtown Minneapolis in 2018. Simply fill out an RFP and tell us what you need, and we’ll look forward to making it happen!