26 October 2017

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Tips for Better Business Meetings in Minneapolis

Tips for Better Business Meetings in Minneapolis

Business meetings are a fact of professional life, but too often they’re one of those dreaded facts of life: a chore, a burden for everybody involved.

Well, in truth it’s not set in stone that these meetings need to be boring, stilted, or draining. All it takes sometimes is mixing up the formula, coming at the tradition from a new angle.

Back in 2015, Mike Templeman put together a great clutch of tips for improving your business-meeting game in Forbes. We recommend reading the whole thing (don’t worry—it’s short), but we figured we’d pull out a couple of Templeman’s points we find especially resonant.

Not a Meeting—a Huddle

First off, consider tinkering with the whole semantics of the business meeting by calling it something else entirely. “Meeting” in many people’s minds conjures just the sorts of associations we spelled out at the start: a mind-numbing, soporific task, something to be endured rather than inspired and engaged by. Combat such preconceptions by labeling these work sessions differently: to use a few of Templeman’s real-life examples, “powwows,” “huddles,” or “sit-downs.”

This might seem like a meaningless, overly simplistic tactic, but remember: Words matter, language matters, and many executives, administrators, and employees have a built-in resistance to the phrase “business meeting.” Change the terminology, and you may find everybody approaching the task with fresh eyes and a fresh mindset.

Switch Up the Scenery

Templeman also makes the important point that the office conference room needn’t be the go-to venue for a business meeting (err, huddle). Sure, it’s convenient, but it’s also uninspired and uninspiring: the same old everday work environment, which doesn’t necessarily prod people into productive action or creative thinking.

Like an alternative term, a different environment for your meeting can have a surprisingly profound effect. Change the scenery, and you can nudge people out of ruts and routines, inject some fun into the proceedings, and make a business meeting a more interesting affair altogether.

Windows on Minnesota: A One-of-a-Kind Meeting Venue

To that end, consider holding your next business meeting—or business huddle, or business powwow, or business happy hour—at Windows on Minnesota. Overlooking downtown Minneapolis from 50 floors up the IDS Center, we provide a stupendous setting for professional get-togethers—all the more so this time of year, when the fall colors of the Twin Cities make a breathtaking backdrop. Our catering serves up everything you need to fuel creative juices and outside-the-box thinking, while our onsite staff delivers the utmost in logistical and technical support.