Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner

With our absolutely unmatched location 50 floors up Minnesota’s tallest building, we’re a mighty popular place for all sorts of events here at Windows on Minnesota: from holiday parties to family reunions.

No question, though, that weddings (and associated rehearsals, receptions, dinners, etc.) are among the functions we’re best known for. If you need any insight as to why, just check out our blog post “Top 5 Reasons Windows on Minnesota I the Best Wedding Venue in Minneapolis.”

Because we make so many couples’ big day so magical, we do our best to share advice on the process of planning and pulling off the perfect wedding here at the Windows on Minnesota blog. Today we’re offering up a few tips into one very crucial part of that process: what to ask professional wedding planners when considering their services.

A good wedding planner, of course, can take away massive amounts of stress in the months leading up to saying your vows and help ensure everything runs as smoothly—and as close to your ideal vision—as possible. We really liked an article over at The Knot on this subject, and encourage you to read it through if nuptials are in your near future. Here we’ll spotlight a few of the most important questions the piece recommends putting to a given wedding planner.

Availability & Cost

At the risk of stating the obvious, the question to ask right off the bat is whether the planner is even available the day of your wedding. Maybe you’ve got a few dates in mind or you haven’t really settled on a specific timetable, in which case this might not be a dealbreaker.

Speaking of deal breakers, naturally you’ll want to get a sense for what a given wedding planner typically charges for the kind of ceremony you’re looking for: essential for determining whether things will work with your budget.


Find out how many weddings the person has planned. Up-and-coming wedding planners have to start somewhere, of course, but you may want to only consider folks who’ve pulled off a few—and maybe a whole lot—of matrimonial maneuvers.


Ask wedding planners what exactly they offer in terms of services—design, coordination, both, etc.—and how versatile or translatable their process is depending on the venue and size of your wedding. It’s a good idea to ask as many questions as you can about their typical approach to gauge how they might be able to run with your own ideas—or help you better define them in the first place.

The Event-Planning Team at Windows on Minnesota

Again, we recommend reading the whole Knot article on questions to ask prospective wedding planners. We also invite you to get in touch with our own highly skilled professional event-planning team here at Windows on Minnesota: We make weddings and wedding events of all sizes, themes, and vibes happen all throughout the year, and there are few things we like better than making these extra-special days happen.

Really, we’re more than just a wedding venue: We’re also an all-around planning and support team, here to offer our skills, resources, and experience as well as our totally one-of-a-kind space to make your dream wedding blossom into reality. Get in touch with us today, and let’s get planning!