23 July 2017

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Planning Your Wedding Reception Menu in Minneapolis, MN

Planning Your Wedding Reception Menu in Minneapolis, MN

If you are planning your wedding, you want to leave guests talking about how special and perfect your event was. Having amazing food can leave guests happy and reflecting positively on your wedding. But there are so many different options to think about when planning your wedding reception menu. Looking at trends can give you some ideas that you can build off of to make the food at your wedding outstanding.

Try Interactive Culinary Kiosks

One of the hottest trends in wedding cuisine is interactive culinary kiosks. These are a play on buffets that kick things up a notch. Instead of guests simply serving themselves from a buffet line, they walk up to an interactive kiosk where the food is made fresh and with the ingredients of their choosing. This is a great way to get guests of their seats, mingling with each other and wait staff and ensures picky guests will be able to find food that even they will enjoy.

Go Green

If you are set on a sit down meal, consider offering a green option. More people are deciding to eat healthy and are more conscious of what they put in their bodies. They are opting for organic and sustainable foods. When you prepare the menu for your wedding reception, consider making all of the items sustainable and organic. If that isn’t an option, add at least one green option so those who want to consider their normal eating-style can do so at your wedding.

Consider Family Style

Another trend that is becoming popular for wedding dinners is family style. The benefit to having a buffet at your wedding is that everyone can eat as much or as little as they want. They aren’t given a single plate of food and made to feel self-conscious if they eat it all or don’t finish. However, getting up and serving yourself is considered to be tacky by some people. A family style meal is becoming popular because platters of food are delivered to each table. The guests then interact with each other asking them to pass this type of food or that type of food. Each guest gets as little or as much as they want and the platters or bowls are refilled by the wait staff as needed.

Get Global

The last trend in wedding meals is to get global. Try adding ethnic flavors, spices or foods into your meals. If possible, use foods based on your culture or your soon-to-be spouses to really make it personal. Many people enjoy eating new foods and you can help them experiment by having foods at your wedding that are a bit outside of the box and not typically served at an American wedding.

Planning the perfect menu is only the first step in ensuring the food at your wedding is show stopping. You need a caterer to execute your menu. WINDOWS on Minnesota offers an amazing indoor wedding venue and top of the line caters. We are located on the 50th floor of the IDS center, allowing your guests to soak up amazing views of downtown Minnesota while they nosh on the fine food our catering staff can prepare specifically for your wedding.