16 November 2017

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Office Christmas Party Planning Tips  

Office Christmas Party Planning Tips  

Let’s face it: There’s a fair bit of pressure when it comes to that annual holiday office party. It’s a reward for the whole team, a rare excuse to let loose together outside the nose-to-the-grind confines of work. Skimping on that sort of event—not necessarily in terms of expense, but in terms of planning and effort—doesn’t reflect very well on your company, and is sure to provoke more than a little grumbling among your workforce.

Windows on Minnesota happens to make an outstanding venue for holiday office parties. And our resources for party-planners extend all the way to this very blog: Today we’ll share some tips for pulling off a homerun of a Christmas soiree. Right off the bat we’ll point you to a great treatment of the subject over at the JD Parties website, which we’ve drawn from for this writeup.

Without further ado, let’s run down some sturdy suggestions for treating your employees to the holiday festivities they deserve!

Schedule Wisely                                

 This means making sure as many of your office members are available, but it also means aiming to schedule the party on, or maybe just after, the last day of work ahead of the holiday time off. As JD Parties notes, it’s kind of a downer (to say the least) to have a big, merry Christmas blowout—and then bring everybody in the next day for normal, buttoned-up work.

Learn From Past Successes—and Failures

 Don’t just poll employees for the best day(s) to have your Xmas shindig: Ask what worked and what didn’t work in previous years’ parties. Maybe that karaoke contest you happen to love isn’t quite so popular as you think. Maybe folks want a fancier venue, or maybe they want a less-organized itinerary to the festivities. The whole point is thanking your staff and showing them a good time; shouldn’t you actually ask them what they want?

Choose a Unique/Distinctive Venue

Sure, you can have a perfectly fine holiday party in the office, but it’s probably always going to be a bit more fun outside the work environment. Choosing a cool venue is going to make your party cooler, and that much more memorable. (Ahem: Windows on Minnesota overlooks Minneapolis from the tallest building in the whole Gopher State, the IDS Center—just try to find a cooler spot for your event!)

Don’t Drop the Ball on the Food

Potlucks are great and all, but there’s something to be said for tapping the skills of a professional catering service: Again, it’s away to show you really care about your workforce and about throwing a genuinely great holiday bash. Well, here’s another plug for our elegant and skyscraping party pad: Besides all the other event-planning resources with which we back up our one-of-a-kind function space here at Windows on Minnesota, we also boast a topnotch catering team, so you and your fellow partygoers are definitely going to be eating well!

A tip that maybe goes without saying? You want to book your office-party venue well in advance. So whether it’s a Christmas celebration or any other get-together, reach out to the team here at Windows on Minnesota and let’s get festive above the Twin Cities!