28 June 2017

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Minneapolis Holiday Party Planning Tips

Minneapolis Holiday Party Planning Tips

The holiday party: a great time to get employees and colleagues together in a casual, convivial, and festive setting away from the workplace—and also a potential source of stress when it comes to planning and execution.

Well, here at Windows on Minnesota we’re here to help alleviate some of that stress with some useful tips for holiday party-planning—and, more important yet, by serving as the absolute perfect venue for your Twin Cities bash!

Ask Around

To pull off a successful holiday party, you need a sense of when folks are available and how many guests will be attending. So poll the office well in advance of the holiday in question to find out what dates work. This gives you a timetable window you can then later refine.

This is also a good opportunity to solicit input on what people would enjoy in a get-together. You won’t please everybody, but it’s important to take such feedback under consideration, given a company holiday soiree is really an excuse to say thank you to your workforce.

Set Your Party Budget

When you know about how many people will be attending your party, it’s time to establish a budget. Spelling this out sooner rather than later makes it easier to define (along with your guest list) the scale of your gala, the setting, and what sorts of bells-and-whistles you’re able to secure.

As with just about anything, it’s a good idea to have a reserve fund in case unexpected costs arise at the eleventh hour.

Pick a Venue

Obviously, the venue for your holiday party is its single most important ingredient—aside from the people attending, that is. Depending on the size and nature of your group, sometimes the office itself will do, or perhaps a private room reserved at a restaurant.

That said, a more spacious, exclusive, and elegant setting can really send the shindig into special territory—and it should be special, right? And in this regard (and many others) you can’t beat Windows on Minnesota, a completely full-service event venue. We’re at the top of the heap in more ways than one: Wouldn’t you like to wow your party guests with a bird’s-eye view of Minneapolis from 50 floors up the tallest building in Minnesota?

With four ballrooms comprising function spaces that can accommodate as many as 275 people, our layout also has the versatility to accommodate just about any kind of gathering.

Our support staff, catering options, and all-around resources also set us apart: The Windows on Minnesota onsite event managers are here to make sure your holiday party goes off without a hitch, and we’ve got the customizable meal options and top notch technology you need for a truly professional and crowd-pleasing affair.

Book Early

Of course, the venue you’re able to secure for your event depends on what’s available in the first place, and obviously holiday intervals are popular times for function spaces to be reserved. Get in touch with us as early as you can for the best chance at booking your preferred date—and have a couple of backup dates, just in case.

Choose Entertainment

Selecting entertainment for your party’s easiest if you ask around for what your guests would most enjoy: No sense shelling out for something nobody’s all that into. Whether a DJ, a live band, or some other performer, you’ll obviously want to coordinate with the venue to make sure your desired entertainment jibes with the space and the available technology. (The answer’s almost assuredly yes here at Windows at Minnesota!)

Consider the Flow

Give some thought to the party itinerary. Maybe you’re going simple and organic, bringing people together with good food and libations and then letting things proceed as they may. But you may want to take the opportunity to distribute awards, hold a gift raffle, or something along those lines.

Get in touch with Windows on Minnesota for your next holiday party in the Twin Cities: Selecting us takes away a whole lot of the guesswork and headaches of making your event happen.