25 September 2017

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Fall Wedding Catering Trends

Fall Wedding Catering Trends

Earlier here at the Windows on Minnesota blog we talked a bit about the ins-and-outs of planning a fall wedding, a better setting for which you couldn’t ask for than our lofty perch high above the Twin Cities. Here we’ll dig a little deeper into the subject and consider some of the catering options that can really send up the season.

Color Scheme Ideas for the Fall Wedding Table

It’s a great idea to evoke the splendid colors of fall foliage in your table displays and other wedding decorations. The reds, oranges, yellows, burgundies, browns, and other classic autumnal shades provide a unique palette from which to draw upon as an alternative to more traditional black-and-white schemes. The seasonal consonance and earthiness expressed by fall-color décor can be deeply, almost subliminally appealing.

Fall-Friendly Wedding Dishes: Squash Soup to Pumpkin Cake

Over at The Knot you’ll find an excellent overview of seasonally complementary fare for a fall wedding. We love the idea of a flavorful squash soup, for example, as a starter course for the wedding dinner. A meat dish accented with autumn’s rich vegetable bounty turns your big-day feast into its own sort of harvest celebration.

And when it comes to fall-friendly desserts, you certainly can’t go wrong with caramel apples and pies of all kinds—and why not consider a pumpkin or carrot wedding cake?

The Fall Wedding Experience at Windows on Minnesota

As we’ve touched upon before, Windows on Minnesota provides an absolutely singular venue for a fall wedding in the Twin Cities. Our skyscraping setting delivers a backdrop of fall color that, appreciated from our ballrooms’ floor-to-ceiling windows, sets the perfect tone for the matrimonial ceremony. And meanwhile our expertly trained event-planning staff and catering crew, plus the all-around resources we bring to the proceedings, ensure that whatever sort of wedding you have in mind can blossom smoothly and unforgettably.

Explore our wedding services right here, and reach out to us today so we can start planning a picture-perfect fall wedding for you 50 floors up the tallest building in Minnesota!